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Spin Rewriter 7.0 Review by SpinRewriterReview.net

Today I’m going to be reviewing the latest version of Spin Rewriter which is Spin Rewriter 7.0, I’ll be providing you with all the information you need to decide if Spin Rewriter is the best spinning software to suite your needs. I’ll also be showing you video demonstrations, features, best usage, a case-study and….wait for it….wait for it….BONUSES!!!


Let me first say that in my 8 years of being an SEO fanatic and internet marketer, I’ve lots of article spinning tools come and go, very few really last, provide us with great support and actually listen to our suggestions.

Spin Rewriter was released back in 2011 by Aaron Sustar at SmileyTech Solutions, Aaron is a really genuine guy, provides top notch support to his customers and one of the most “unselfish” marketers I know.

Think about it, what’s the use of purchasing spinning software if it’s not being properly supported, if the software is not being improved upon based on user requests and if you’re not able to “try before you buy”. That’s just setting yourself up for disappointment, which is actually what happened to me many of the other spinner tools out there.

Well those are actually some of my favorite things about the software…

It has an amazing support system, I send out a support email and get a response within hours – that’s more than I can say for most other spinner tools support systems out there.

It’s constantly being improved upon – every year you see a new version of Spin Rewriter get released with amazing new features, these guys work hard to improve upon the software for us to give us what we ask for.

Plus one of the really cool things (and very un-selfish) is that they upgrade all their users to the newly released version of Spin Rewriter free of charge as long as your still a member of the software.

What exactly is Spin Rewriter 7.0?

Spin Rewriter 7.0 is the latest version of Spin Rewriter and was released in October 2016.  It’s a web based article spinning tool that works in your browser and is extremely powerful for creating and generation unique content with a few clicks. Spin Rewriter has become the best article spinner in 2016 due to it’s powerful features, top-class support and constant improvements.

Watch the below video to learn more about Spin Rewriter and see how this guy “Aaron Sustar” with his “funny accent” created Spin Rewriter and find out what it can do.

You’ll also see a 1 Minute demonstration of how he quickly spins an article into 50 unique articles in under 1 minute. Awesomeness!

Standard Features of Spin Rewriter

Cloud-Based Software

It is a web-based article spinner tool that you can use on any platform including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and any device including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

And because you’re able to access it from any browser, you’re in-fact able to spin your content using Spin Rewriter from anywhere is the world!

This is one of the reasons why it’s the one of the most popular article spinning software solutions on the market and trusted by thousands of marketers around the world.

One-Click Article Spinning Solution

Spin Rewriter is capable of generating new unique articles in bulk with a click of the mouse and can do this in just a few seconds. There’s a simple 3 step process for quickly spinning your articles into unique versions.

Step 1 – Insert the article you want to spin

Step 2 – Click “Start the Rewriting Process!”

Step 3- Export, Save or Generate more unique articles!

Yeah it’s that simple, there’s is lots of extra options, features and settings you can play around with for bigger spins, better quality spins etc

Intelligent Article Spinning Tool

Spin Rewriter understands the actual meaning of every single word and phrase, so the chances of better quality spun content is far higher than most spinners out there.
It uses only the best synonyms for each of the original words and phrases.
It can change the entire structure of original sentences and paragraphs.
It creates tons of high quality ENL semantically spun content in seconds.

Watch the below video to take a little walk-through of what you can expect from Spin Rewriter…

OK What’s NEW In Spin Rewriter 7.0?

Firstly remember that all of these features are on-top of the CRAZY awesome features of the previous line of Spin Rewriter versions all the way up-to version 6. The software was constantly improved upon over the years to keep up with the industry standards, meet the needs of it’s users and provide you with the ultimate cloud based content spinning software to date.

With the 7.0 version they’l be giving all old and new users of the software the following new and super POWERFUL features:

  1. Another huge leap forward in semantic analysis (meaning extraction)!
  2. A 5-year leap forward in cutting-edge sentence structure manipulation technology.
  3. They completed a manual review of the synonym database (with over 500+ man-hours invested)
  4. ENL Semantic Spinning can now change tenses of specific sentence parts.
  5. The ability to be able to compare different spun articles side-by-side.
  6. They added integration with free stock photo sites (e.g. Pixabay).
  7. They upgraded made the built-in video database to be even more powerful.
  8. You can now embed specific YouTube videos (built-in search).
  9. They’ve improved upon their famous on-boarding process for new users.
  10. and so MUCH more!

Bottom Line of Spin Rewriter 7.0’s new features: It’s even crazier and more powerful then ever before!

Spin Rewriter Video Review Link – YouTube

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Ever-Growing Integrations List

  • Rankwyz
  • Rank Optimizer
  • G Alert WordPress Plugin
  • Cloud PBN
  • Video Vantage
  • Article Submitter Plus
  • Big Content Search
  • WikiRobot
  • Backlink Beast
  • SEO Content Machine
  • FCS Networker
  • P1Port Software
  • Amazing Selling Machine
  • Kudani Content Marketing
  • Article Kevo
  • Weblify
  • SociVidz
  • SEOZen
  • Link Emporer
  • WPRobot
  • Article Marketing Robot
  • Article Factory Pro
  • SociSynd
  • Social Monkee
  • uBot Studio
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • Fresh Store Builder
  • RankerX

And So much more, there’s so many new integrations taking place for the software, another reason why it’s become one of the top-selling content spinning software solutions on the market. You might recognize some of the below tools, and YES Spin Rewriter 7.0 works with all of them.

So you can take your SEO content building and link building efforts to the next level!

Spin Rewriter 7.0 integration with other software

Spin Rewriter Case Study

I have something special for you to see the true power of the Spin Rewriter spinning software tool. Not only is it extremely powerful, but it’s super fast too. so you can spending less time writing and spinning your articles and more time publishing your unique content and marketing your products, services and business.

Check this out…

The Spin Rewriter Time Challenge: 500 Articles in 45 Seconds

Amazing Right? Go check out Spin Rewriter 7 by clicking here.

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Price and Discount

From the 12th October 2016 ((Wednesday at 9 AM PDT), Spin Rewriter 7.0 will be available for the very first time. There is a 5-day free trial so you can try before you buy as as well as monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions.

Here’s an overview of how the pricing and discounts work:

Monthly = $47/month, no bonuses, no free trial.

Lifetime = $497, no bonuses, no free trial.

Yearly = slashed from $197 all the way down to just $77, WITH awesome bonuses AND with a 5-day free trial that anyone can sign up for. (BEST VALUE is terms of saving)

And if you’re unsure and would prefer to take Spin Rewriter 7.0 for a test-drive risk free for 5days, just click the button below…

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Free Trial


What Other Top Marketers Are Saying About Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter Testimonials

Click here to go check out Spin Rewriter 7 For Yourself

Want To Take Spin Rewriter 7 For A Test Drive?

Because the team at Spin Rewriter knows they’re offering a top quality articles spinning product with a world class customer support system, they allow new customers to sign-up for a 5-day free trial with no obligations.

All you have to do is click the button below, go sign up and start creating tons of unique articles for your marketing, SEO, affiliate or social campaigns and start seeing how easy it is to grow your business and get more traffic with this super powerful content spinning tool. Creating unique articles has never been easier thanks to Spin Rewriter. Go sign-up now and see for yourself!

5 day free spinwriter 7 trial


Now for the part most people look very forward to….


Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonuses By Aaron and the Spin Rewriter Team

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus #1 (Software) – Merge Articles

Spin Rewriter Bonus merge articlesThis software tool allows you to effortlessly combine your content into a single document fast!

It’s perfect for bringing together a lot of articles or other type of content for distribution on your websites.

Just click a few buttons and you instantly merge together multiple articles in .txt format in order to create one large article for use in text rotators and other tools.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

 Value of this Free Bonus: $39.95

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus #2 (Software) – Content Screener

Spin Rewriter Bonus content screenerThis software tool comes with a variety of extremely helpful features for every content marketer:
– It compares two articles side by side and reveals the percentage of duplicated content between the two articles.
– It shows you exactly which parts of text are duplicated using different color highlighting.
– It saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the easy comparison.
– It displays the keyword density of each article for the keyword you’ve chosen.
– It helps to check on your freelance writers’ work and ensure that your content is not duplicated and will never be penalized by the search engines.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

Value of this Free Bonus: $39.95

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus #3 (Software) – Article Helper

Spin Rewriter Bonus article helperThis neat software tool is meant to, as the name implies, help you write articles. It will put your “in-progress” and completed articles all in one spot, you can organize them by word count, title, niche.

Article Helper functions as a basic text editor, and allows you to work on articles and come back to them later, never losing track of anything.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and newer.

 Value of this Free Bonus: $19.95

Spin Rewriter 7.0 JV Bonus #4 (Ebook) – Articles Into Videos

Spin Rewriter Bonus articles into videosContents of this ebook: 1. Introduction, 2. Article Marketing, 3. Video Marketing, 4. Integrating Article and Video Marketing, 5. PowerPoint for Videos

The best way to integrate article marketing and video marketing is to first write articles and submit them to content rich websites (suggestions inside the ebook), and then turn each of your articles into videos that can be submitted to various video sites.

When you first create the articles, be sure you are using keywords for the titles. These keywords will be critical for the traffic of both your articles and videos (this is why we’re also including the next bonus, called »30-Minute Keywords«).

Value of this Free Bonus:$19.95

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus #5 (Ebook) – 30-Minute Keywords

Spin Rewriter Bonus 30 minute keywordsUncover extremely profitable keywords in minutes. This ebook will teach you to:
– How to simplify your keyword research and uncover some of the hottest keywords for insanely profitable markets, instantly!
– How to determine what keywords to use within your affiliate campaigns for maximum conversions and profits!
– What you need to know about long-tail versus short-tail keywords that will have a dramatic impact on your overall profits!
– Quick & easy keyword research strategies, including a list of top tools and resources!

Value of this Free Bonus: $29.95

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus #6 (Ebook) – Content Marketing Strategies

Spin Rewriter Bonus content marketing strategiesOnce your content marketing is up and running and your website is growing at a steady pace, it’s time to take your content marketing to the next level. That means having more integrated content and using a wider variety of formats.

Advanced content marketing also means working to strengthen your brand, voice, and personality because through that you’ll become more widely known. You’ll become the website and business that your prospects turn to.

Advanced content marketing also gives you the unique ability to begin to fine-tune your audience and your customers. Through personas and market segmentation, you can begin to craft content that speaks to your ideal customer. You’ll forge a stronger bond and create brand loyalty. This is the power of content marketing and it’s waiting for you inside this ebook…

Value of this Free Bonus: $29.95

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus #7 (Ebook) – Ultimate Link Building

Spin Rewriter Bonus ultimate link building

Here’s what this amazing ebook reveals in an easy-to-understand format: Link Building Basics, What is Link building, Importance of Backlinks, Search Engine Optimization Basics You Need To Know, 10 Ways To Build Backlinks, The Difference Between 3 Category of Techniques, White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Gray hat SEO, How To Avoid Being Slapped By Google Updates, Creative Link Building Techniques, Untapped Backlink Sources… and more!

You’ll discover how to build links to outrank your competitors and get your site on the top of search engines for more traffic, more revenue and more profits.

 Value of this Free Bonus: $29.95

Exclusive Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus Deal By SpinRewriterReview.net

(Probably the best Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus out there!)

Terms for this ELITE bonus: Please note that our bonus has one condition. In order to claim our bonus, you’ll have to purchase the monthly, yearly or lifetime membership at spinrewriter.com.

My Exclusive Bonus 1

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - 100 Internet Marketing PLR Autoresponder Emails

My Exclusive Bonus 2

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Easy Book Writing

My Exclusive Bonus 3

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Easy Copywriter Software

My Exclusive Bonus 4

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Free Traffic System Videos

My Exclusive Bonus 5

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Internet Marketing Ebooks Bundle

My Exclusive Bonus 6

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - List Building Catapult

My Exclusive Bonus 7

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Massive 500 000 PLR Articles Pack

My Exclusive Bonus 8

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - PDF Backlinks Traffic

My Exclusive Bonus 9

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Sales Page Writer Software

My Exclusive Bonus 10

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - Surefire WP SEO

My Exclusive Bonus 11

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - The PLR Playbook

My Exclusive Bonus 12

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonus - WordPress Membership Kickstart

To claim your bonus, just send me an email using the contact form below, or the one in the sidebar or using our contact form in the navigation menu, just send me your proof of payment/transaction ID for your monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription and I’ll send over your bonuses in less then 12 hours. Almost instantly if I’m not asleep 🙂

So don’t miss out on your chance to own the best article spinning tool for creating unique content that will easily pass CopyScape and grab my ultimate Spin Rewriter bonus deal today.



Spin Rewriter Review and Bonuses

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Review and Top Notch Bonus Deal
Spin Rewriter 7.0

Product Name: Spin Rewriter 7.0

Product Description: Spin Rewriter 7.0 is the latest version of Spin Rewriter and was released in October 2016. It’s a web based article spinning tool that works in your browser and is extremely powerful for creating and generation unique content with a few clicks.

Price: Free Trial

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly


  • One-Click Article Spinning Solution
  • Intelligent Article Spinning Tool
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Structure Manipulation Technology
  • ENL Semantic Spinning
  • Ever-Growing Integrations List
  • Spin Rewriter Free Trial
  • Manual Review Of The Synonym Database
  • Integration With Free Stock Photo Sites
  • Built-in Video Database
  • Embed Specific Youtube Videos


Spin Rewriter is one of the world’s most powerful article spinners. It’s the only one that comes with built-in ENL Semantic Spinning Technology, and it’s considered the best article spinner ever created. Below are some of the benefits of Spin Rewriter 7.0.

It Gives you Unlimited, High-Quality Content—For FREE

Regardless of which niche you’re in, Spin Rewriter will provide you with enough top-quality content to dominate it. Without fresh, frequently updated content, your site will soon get lost in the shuffle, but one of the greatest thing about Spin Rewriter is that it takes care of the content issue for you. You’ll find it easy to build niche websites at a rapid pace, which will give you dozens (if not hundreds) of sources of passive income.

You Can Build Thousands of Backlinks

SEO is impossible without an avalanche of top-quality, readable and unique content. With the information in this Spin Rewriter review, you will learn how you can claim the top spot in Google results by generating backlinks almost on auto-pilot. This article spinner is built into most of today’s popular link-building tools, which makes it easy to plug the ENL technology into the tool and start creating thousands of backlinks within seconds.

You No Longer Have to Fear the Dreaded Google Update

This Spin Rewriter bonus is designed to create only Copyscape-passing, readable content. Your niche sites will never receive a duplicate content penalty, because the content you create is not a duplicate. In fact, it’s usually more unique, better quality and more optimized than articles written by an expensive ghostwriter.
What Makes it so Great
•It understands the meaning of every phrase and word
•It uses the best synonyms for each word
•It has the ability to change the entire paragraph and sentence structure of the article
•It creates a ton of semantically spun content within seconds
•It exports multiple optimized articles with one click

Best of all, the Spin Writer 7.0 review copy works on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, smartphones and tablets. It can drive a ton of targeted traffic to any niche website. It lives inside the web browser, which means you can access your spun content from any device, anywhere in the world. Despite the advanced nature of this spin rewriter 7.0 bonus, the tool is so simple to use that a child can do it in just minutes.

What’s New in Version 7.0?

The last version was great in its own right, but the spin rewriter 7.0 bonuses are out of this world. The tool’s semantic analysis has taken a huge leap forward, as has the sentence structure manipulation capability. The team has manually reviewed the synonym database, at a cost of over 500 man-hours.

The ENL Semantic Spinning tool can change the tense of certain parts of a sentence, and users can then compare different, spun pieces side by side. Plus, there’s full integration with free stock image sites such as Pixabay, and users can embed YouTube videos.

Whether you want to run one niche site or hundreds, the tools in the spin rewriter 7.0 discount copy can make it easier to crank out top-quality content. Try it today! If you buy the product today, you can claim a big spin rewriter 7.0 bonus. Just click the link below to get started.

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